6-year-old Girl Meets Baby Sister for the Very First Time and is Overwhelmed With Joy

There is no joy bigger than welcoming a new life into the world. As happy as the parents are, kids become overly excited, knowing that they’re getting a new sibling. We can speak for all, but this 6-year-old was definitely over the moon when she met her sister for the first time.

Ever since a baby, all Adalynn wanted was a sibling. She would always ask her parents for a sister as her birthday or Christmas present. So, when Erin, Adalynn’s mother, finally got pregnant, breaking the news to her was a piece of cake.

6-yr-old meets baby sister

Adalynn would ask her parents to go out and buy stuff for the new baby. After knowing that she was getting a sister, her happiness was over the roof. And when she finally got to meet her precious sibling, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

WATCH the adorable reaction video below.

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