Sassy 6-year-old Serves Saucy Attitude at Ballroom Championship

Children are adorable attention seekers and very crafty in their art of getting it from their loved ones or just strangers in general too. With their never-ending enthusiasm and cute antics, they are undoubtedly capable of averting all the eyes on them.

The adorable Six-year-old Liu Wei from Chongqing from China is a master of her skills. 

With enough practice and hard work, the toddler posses professional Latin dancing skills. A recent viral video not only captures Liu Wei’s extraordinary dancing techniques but her momentous facial expressions. It might come as a surprise that she had only taken Latin dance lessons for only a year so far. 

Due to the remarkable progress, her teacher decided to enter her in the “4th CBDF China International Standard Dance Championship.” Liu joined the competition with high-tied braids and a beautiful maroon dress. Despite the crowd of professional Latin dancers, she didn’t look intimated. 

Through the performance, she executes flawless dance move with unique facial expressions. The judges watched the performance with anticipation, and the crowd was quick to take out their phones and record the six-year-old. Her dancing videos became viral pretty soon. She was also on the hot search list for quite some time.  Please press play and enjoy this entertaining dance video. Do share your remarks on the feed.

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