4-Year-Old Irish Dancer Enters Dancefloor – Brings House Down With Electric Traditional Moves

Irish dancing is a traditional form of dancing that originated from the country of Ireland. Dancers tap dance and bounce to the beat of the Irish folk music. People train for years to master this type of dancing. However, this tiny girl dances like a professional— and all before the age of five!

Before she even starts, the host of the talent event announces all the awards the little girl has achieved in her short life. She has won 2 trophies in the same amount of competitions that she was a part of. Furthermore, she has six medals to her name. And when she starts dancing, you can understand how she was able to achieve all those.

irish dance

The young girl wearing her school uniform glides through the air effortlessly. Her blond hair bounces as the crowd is mesmerized by her lively movements. The act is an incredible thing to witness. Moreover, she gets a standing ovation from the audience. Watch the future stars performance below:

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