Loving Dog Makes Sure Girl Boards Bus Safely

Dogs wait all day for their humans to come home. They stand by the door and window and hope that their owners come soon from work or a day outside. All they want is love and maybe a little food! But this dog waiting for their tiny human to go off on their day is the most adorable thing on the internet.

Our canine friends might be the most loyal creatures on the planet. Although they act as companions, they also protect the people they love. Likewise, this big doggo is the little girl’s guardian angel. He makes sure his friend enters the school bus safely before leaving her side.

loyal dog

The pooch in the clip walks the girl from her home to the stop where the school bus comes. He keeps an eye on her the whole time that they wait for the vehicle to arrive. Moreover, even after the bus arrives, he doesn’t budge while the tiny human enters. Only after the door closes does he return happy that his best friend is safe and off to her day’s adventure! Watch the sweet video below:

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