36,000 Kids Line Up in a Field but Wait Till They Break the Formation

Kung Fu is a discipline that takes a lot of commitment and patience. It originated in China, but the effects of Kung Fu can be seen all over the world. No wonder National Geographic featured a short film about the largest school that teaches martial arts.

The Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy is the place to go if you want to be a master of this Asian art. Located in Mount Song, Henan province in China, the academy is the earliest martial arts school in the record. Furthermore, the rigorous training done here in different types of combat forms has made it famous worldwide.

kung fu academy

The footage was adapted from Westmeier’s 2012 documentary called “Dragon Girls.” It shows the daily lives of youths in the academy. Moreover, it sheds light on the hard work required to master the art form. Additionally, the scene where 36,000 kids train at the same time is impeccable. Watch the fascinating video below:

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