16-Yr-Old’s Breathtaking Rendition of Elvis Classic has Audience Cheering

Once you begin gaining interest in musical instruments, it doesn’t take long for you to discover the classics. Raffi Arto was only six when he began playing the piano. With passing days, his passion for music grew.

Enjoying music and even humming the lines or singing your heart in the shower is ordinary as it gets. But putting yourself out here and filling in some big shoes surely takes a courageous individual. Raffi, who is 16 in this video, is walking along this brave path.

Raffi, interest in music peaked when he was just a toddler. Hence when he reached 16, the talented teenager audition for The Voice. If you enjoy watching these reality tv shows, you are no stranger to Raffi’s chilling rendition of “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, a phenomenal hit by Elvis Presley.

Initially, we witness Raffi in the spotlight, sitting on the piano, ready to deliver a charming performance. His immensely talented voice leaves the judges and audiences in awe. But that’s not all the teenager has to offer. Believe it or not, he has few other hobbies too. For instance, Raffi enjoys football and boxing. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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