German Shepherd Was at the End of His Life, and This is What Police Officers Did for Him

Dogs are some of the most incredible creatures in the world. They are the best friends that we can have in our lives. They can be the sweetest, most gentle beings, even though they have the ability to really hurt anything around them if they want to. They can be really aggressive and protective if the situation calls for it. And the fact that they can also be trained to do almost anything makes them the perfect picks to be used in military or police work.

The pooch in this story had also served in the police all his life. Zeus, the German Shepherd, has worked on the Ridgefield Police Department for nine long years. That is more than half the average lifespan of any dog. According to his handlers, he was a very intelligent and courageous dog. But after so many years on the job, Zeus was getting too weak for his work. His health was declining, and everyone at the police department knew that it was time for him to cross the rainbow bridge.

But before he was helped over to the other side, the officers from all over the state of New Haven wanted to pay their respects. They gathered around as Zeus was led down to the vet for one last time. The flag was put at half-mast, and black drapes were put all over the police department as a sign of respect. Zeus was an important part of the police, and it was heartwarming to see him get such special treatment even to the very end. Check out the moving video below:

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