Cute Chimp is Finally Released to the Wild, Take a Look at His Most Heartwarming Reaction

We may have heard about the great works of animal welfare institutes. They rescue the helpless and lonely animals and give them immense love and care. So the video shows that Jane Goodall raised this adorable chimp ever since he was a baby. And she took utmost care of her beloved animal like it was her baby.

Furthermore, the documentary talks about the journey Wounda, a happy go lucky chimpanzee. The poor creature found a home in the arms of this wonderful lady, along with his 160 chimp friends. Everyone had given especially given up on Wounds, who suffered from a severe illness when this institution took her in. But kind, Jane helped him overcome his challenges and gave him sanctuary and became a part of newly expanded Island.

But after years of staying with them, it was time for this cutie to head back to the wild. And the creature just couldn’t believe it! Upon seeing his natural habitat, he starts hooting like anything with excitement. His excitement level is beyond anything you have seen before. Hold back your tears as you see him make his ultimate emotional release. Take a look at how he says goodbye by hugging everyone, aww! Watch this video below:

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