Wedding Photographer Punches Groom in the Face When He Realizes the Bride Is Only 15 Years Old

The photographer featured in today’s story cause a riot in his last photo shoot. After the truth came out, he is hailed as a hero for standing up for his morals. Onur Albayrak, a Turkish wedding photographer, was paid to cover a ceremony at Turgut Özal Nature Park, Turkey.

The story dates back to 2018 when he first laid his eyes on the bride. She looked very young to be married. Two weeks prior to the wedding, the groom visited the studio. While he came face to face with the bride on an auspicious day. Onur wasn’t convinced with the legal grounds of the marriage. Hence he didn’t hesitate to pop the question of age. The groom’s answer was not only shocking but outraged Onur. The bride-to-be was only 15.

Without any further delay, Onur declined the offer and walked towards the exit. During his interview with one of Turkey’s renowned newspapers, Hurriyet Daily News, Onur quoted. ” I felt her fear as she was trembling. She is just a child.” The groom attacked the photographer while he was leaving. The groom brought up the contract and how leaving in the middle would be a violation. But Onur stood his ground, and soon enough, a fight broke out. A brawl resulted in an injured groom with a broken nose.

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