This Kid Learns the Hard Way That Karma Really Is a Bitch

If you are one of those people who believe in Karma, you will love this video. Karma is often used as a word to refer to what you unconsciously manifest.

Now, we all know that Karma is real. In fact, many times people have received the fruit of their Karma whether or not it’s good or bad. A video was posted in 2015 of a young couple on a ride. This couple did not expect a mischievous kid to bump into them.

However, they were quite shocked when the kid does so. After a while, another kid bumps into the same kid’s ride. This naughty kid then starts crying out loud. The couple and more than half of the internet were happy with what happened to the kid as a result of his own Karma.

Likewise, many people think it was wrong to be revengeful towards a kid. Watch the full video below!

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