Chef Shares Brilliant Method for Trussing Cornish Game Hens Without Using String or Twine

Chicken is one of the most loved meats for people all around the world. However, many people are yet to know the perfect way to make chicken.

If you love roasted chicken, this chef’s trick is for you. But, this chef is not here with just any chicken, he guides you to cook Cornish hen. Cornish hens are way tinier than a normal chicken. This meat can be eaten individually as a side dish.

The chef in this video will teach you how he trusses the bird. There is no need for you to twine it as the trick he teaches does that work for the cook. This recipe has to be one of the most convenient and amazing ones you will find on Youtube.

Plus point, you will love the juicy and tender taste of the meat with this recipe. Watch the full video below!

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