This Woman Slides in the Pool of Water and the Result is the Most Captivating Performance Ever!

People have been using props for dancing since humans began to dance! Moreover, dances with sticks and even fire are present in cultures all around the world. And as this art form evolves to become more expressive and commercial, people have been finding new ways to make dancing more interesting. And this woman’s performance has it all!

Pole dancing has been around since the 1200s from an ancient Indian sport. Here, people performed aerial yoga poses propped up in long vertical poles. Since the 90s, it has transformed into a form of fitness dance, and many celebrities today opt for this routine! Likewise, water bowl dancing has become a stage act from performances that were done exclusively in circuses and burlesques.

water bowl pole dance

In this unique and original act, Ada Ossola manages to capture the beauty of both art forms! At first, she does the most incredible stunts while hanging on a pole. A moment later, it is revealed that she is dancing on top of a large water bowl! Furthermore, she drops into the water, and what comes next is mesmerizing. But when she spins in the pole again is when the full effect of the fusion dance comes to play! Watch the video below:

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