Heartwarming Video of Woman Reunites With Her Lost Dog 12 Years After She Went Missing

Time flies when you have fun with your loved ones, but they grow intensely colder when you are miles away from home. Similar was the case for this toy fox terrier who was discovered shivering under a stranger’s shed.

The man took the pup to Humane Animal Rescue, Pittsburgh. After scanning the microchip, the data came flowing. Dutchess had been lost for a long time. The information linked to the owner Katheryn Strang who had been paying to keep the microchip active in hopes of seeing Dutchess. Fortunately, the dedication and love paid out pretty well for Strang.

It turns out the puppy was last seen in 2007 when it crept through a tiny opening and ran away. Since then, Strang had been tenaciously searching for her pet. She put up flyers around the area, visited one shelter home after another, but to no avail. After 12 months of searching, Strang received a phone call from the rescue center. She made no delay in getting in the car and making the journey of 1100 miles. After arriving at the center, Strang got emotional as she holds on to her pup after over a decade.

“Dutchess. Hi, baby. I missed you.”

Please press play and enjoy this emotional reunion.

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