Woman gives the best tip for keeping strawberries fresh-This trick also keeps the smell sweet for a long time!

Strawberries are one of the most delicious fruits of the fruit groups. One can hardly meet a person who does not like the taste of strawberries.

Strawberries, however, rot very easily. People have to take good care of this fruit before consuming it. Even a refrigerator cannot keep strawberries fresh at all times. However, a woman suggests keeping strawberries fresh with an easy trick. You will only need white vinegar, bottled water, or any kind of drinking water, a mixing bowl, paper towels, and a salad spinner.


Firstly, mix five parts of water and one part of white vinegar in the large mixing bowl. Then, toss the strawberries in the mixture. You will have to leave them there for two to five minutes. Line the salad spinner with paper towels. After letting the strawberries soak, put them in the salad spinner. Lastly, allow the berries to dry before putting them back in the refrigerator.

This trick works like a miracle.

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