Woman puts an octopus on her face for a ‘fun’ photo and gets injected with deadly venom

For the sake of getting better and unique photos, a lot of people out there will do anything they can even though it will put them in danger.

When you come across an octopus, for sure, the very last thing that will come to your mind is to put that creature in your face. Unluckily, a girl in Washington named Jamie Bisceglia did it and take note she ended up copious the way you would expect.

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Bisceglia stated to the Huffington Post that she was taking part in a fishing sporting event when she noticed that one of her friends caught an octopus. The woman admitted that she grabbed the octopus from the hook and ask her friends to take a photo for the photo contest.

Bisceglia decided to put the animal on her face and in just a short span of time, the octopus wrapped its tentacles through her nose and ears. Unluckily, this supposed to be a fun picture for Bisceglia turned into a medical emergency after the animal bit her, injecting her with deadly venom.

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The woman said that her friends noticed that her face had changed and they could not get the mandible to remove. “It was like a prong,” she added. Finally, Bisceglia managed to remove the octopus from her face, but for the following thirty minutes, she bled seriously.

Later, the woman poked fun of herself by posting the photo on her Instagram and recapping the accident. Bisceglia said on her caption that she had no idea that octopus had a mandible they can inject to her face. She also shared that her chin is swollen up and it’s very painful. But regardless of his condition joked that she will cook the octopus for her dinner.

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Bisceglia, however, waited for two days before she finally visits a doctor since the event is not yet finished. During this period, the left side of her face was paralyzed, plus she had lots of swelling.

The woman said that they took her in the stat, however, the IVs did not work and her arm swelled up like an elephant. Now, Bisceglia is on antibiotics and she wants others to know about the risks of placing an octopus on their face. In case you didn’t know it was not common knowledge.

After the shocking incident, the woman wants people not to do what she did. She also advice everybody to know what they are touching ahead of time. Bisceglia ended up steaming and grilling the octopus before serving it in a salad, says the Huffington Post.

By the way, later this week, Bisceglia will find out if she has won on the photo contest in which she may possibly receive $100 as her prize.

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