In the years leading up to now, Youtube has become the ground for many creative content. The notion is simple entertainment and education. Hence, YouTubers worldwide come up with all sorts of ideas to present to their subscribers.

Take Preston Leatherman, for instance. The Youtuber is known for his carefree dancing skills. He enjoys showcasing his choreography in public, but there is a catch to it. Leatherman only dances with his earphones on. This may sound or look insane to some bystanders or shoppers in a mall. However, that doesn’t stop the creator from enjoying the rhythm ringing in his ears.

The song choice is a perfect one. It’s none other than the classic number from the 1984 blockbuster movie “Footloose”. To this day, the song has all charms and makes you want to tap your feet to the music. In Houston, Leatherman interacts with many shoppers in the Memorial City Mall and even dabbles in collaborating with a bunch of strangers.

Please press play and enjoy the amazing performance.

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