Violent woman breaks the bus window, Watch when she tries to run over a man

A woman was recently spotted on a street in Washington DC in a very enraged mood. It was immediately not clear what made her so enraged but she took up the tire jack of her car in her hand and was first seen speaking to a person on the street. The video was made by a person from inside the bus. The black woman seems to be in her twenties and a very violent mood.

After speaking to the person, she comes close to the bus and starts shattering the front left side glass window of the vehicle. After a few hefty blows on the window and the rear-view mirror of the bus, she walks back with the tire jack to her car. Then she puts it in the rear hood and goes to her seat. An old man in a blue shirt is seen standing in front of her car. And the lady starts her vehicle and tries to run over the man. Then she stops her vehicle, comes out of it and tries to take the man out of her way.

At this instant, a young man in a white shirt approaches her and tries to persuade her to cool down. But that hardly has any effect on the woman. She pushes both the men and re-enters the car. The man in the white shirt still persuades her to listen to him but she doesn’t. Finally, she starts her car and once again the old man in the blue shirt tries to come in front of her car to block her way. But the woman this time speeds up and the man is carried on the hood for some distance before he is thrown off the vehicle! Luckily, there is no injury to the poor man.

It only goes on to show the kind of road rage that people may experience every day on the streets.

See the video here, judge for yourself and do share and give us your valuable feedback.