Disabled war vet was charged for two traffic violation, Now watch the judge’s treatment

A US war veteran of Iraq was appearing before a judge for jumping a red light. First of all, when the person came in, the judge apologized to him for keeping him waiting for some time. But the war veteran also responded quite well. Next, when the person was asked about waiting, he informed the judge that he was a war vet who was on medication for depression and anxiety.

The judge apologized again for his condition and informed him of his jumping the red light. To this, he said that he hardly remembers the incident due to his physical condition.
The judge again tries to calm down the person so that he can stay relaxed and speak to him. Then he says to the man that there is a video of the incident and he showed it to him. After looking at it, the man informs that he was going for his regular physical check-up. As he was getting late so may have been anxious.

Then the judge asks him about his service background and his place of duty. After giving satisfactory answers, the man says that he lost hearing in one of his ears. He also had cancer for which he was treated and had recovered for three years.

He also had a pinched nerve in his spine, severe PTSD, anxiety disorder and manic depression. The judge was moved at this and asked for how long did he serve in Iraq to which he replied ’13 months’.

The judge took note of his condition and said that since he had worked for his country and was suffering physically due to his service, he would let him go free as he knew that the person didn’t commit the mistake intentionally.

We do need more judges like him so that a humane approach can be taken sometimes and people can also feel the love towards one’s country.

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