Woman accuses her husband in-front of the judge, court bursts out with laughter

We all have played the blame game when our actions had grave consequences. This couple also wants justice in spite of having eternal love for each other. The husband got a parking ticket while he was driving his wife’s car. She explains by saying this wonderful husband of mine was driving my car, and I am not guilty, he is.

The court bursts in laughter, witnessing the feud between the couple. The fact that the wife got a letter about the incident and the husband became reluctant to explain the situation must have pissed off the wife to take matters to court. The wife wants the judge to take care of the situation by erasing her name from the ticket.

Surprisingly, the couple is married for forty-three years. So how does the wife defines a successful marriage? The key to instantly steal her heart is by replying, ‘yes, dear’ to whatever she says. The husband went through the red light for three-tenths of a second. The time frame is not much, and the wife immediately changes her mind and says, ‘oh, that’s not much.’

The wife created a lot of commotion in court. As a result, the judge asks the husband, ‘Do you go through this every day? He gave an adorable reply by saying, ‘Yes, your honor.’ It’s is a compelling court case and all they had a pretty good laugh about it. WATCH the video below:

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