Parents Record Newborn Twin Babies Having A Hilarious Babble Conversation

As a child, we have all dreamed about having a twin with whom we share not only our physical features but also our secrets. But only the lucky ones amongst us have a twin and share a lifetime of happiness.

The video features an identical twin who makes intense eye contact and it feels like it’s their unique way of communicating. One of the twins starts laughing, and it feels like the other one told a joke. It’s amusing to see them babbling with each other, and it feels like they are indeed communicating in a “secret” language.

Therefore, when you share a womb, you automatically form a bond that is incomparable to any other. Your birth mate understands every action and attitude. It’s a matter of envy to us as we have no one to share that kind of attachments, and one can only hope for such connections in another lifetime.

WATCH this video below:

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