Mom Can’t Afford To Celebrate Her Son’s Birthday, Until This Woman Steps In

The video opens up with a mom sharing an equal amount of food with her children. The daughter asks for more food but her mom replies by saying this is all she can afford. However, this underline poverty is found in about every household in Lousianna. The biggest reason for the suffering is the limited amount of resources in this populated state. It’s a topic of a grave issue because even a developed country is facing problems trying to feed the people.

The popularised term to describe this scenario is ‘food insecurity.’ Trying to supply 18% of the population has become a challenging task, and famine has taken over the state. A healthy lifestyle has become a myth, and every day, it is a struggle to make ends meet. All we can do at this time of crisis is to help each other overcome this temporary issue and work for a better future with enough food production.

Furthermore, the mother is unable even to buy a birthday cake for her son’s birthday. The situation gets heated as both of her children start complaining about how this is not enough. People around them start noticing the family, and almost everyone feels they should do something to help them.

The customers show humility towards the family at the restaurant. They are willing to pay the bills of the children. The people believe everyone needs help at some time in their life, and it was their chance to give back to people. This social experiment became a success, as everyone showed kindness in the name of humanity. The operation takes an emotional turn when the host starts asking the reason behind their generosity. Everyone goes through terrible times in their life; we shouldn’t lose hope and support each other until we make it.

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