Beverly Hills “Witch House” is Halloween Trick-or-Treat Favorite

If you think this house looks like something from a storybook or theme park, you’re right. It was built that way, and it’s a perennial favorite of Halloween trick-or-treaters.

The house was actually built somewhere else in 1920 as the set for a few silent films including Hansel and Gretel, then moved to this lot by producer Ward Lascelle. It has been expanded over time and now belongs to LA real estate agent Michael Libow, who bought it in 1998 to keep it from being torn down.


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It has crooked lines and an intentionally saggy roof that is pointed like a witch’s hat, thus the name “Witch House.” It has become a landmark in Los Angeles and it’s one of the most visited spots in the city. It’s even been voted as the #1 trick-or-treat spot in LA!

So cool. Watch the full video below to learn more!

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