Fed-Up Landlord Takes Drastic Measures Against Tenants Who Owe Him $11,000 In Rent

Being a landlord has both its ups and downs. The pandemic hit the tenants and the landlord, more or less depending on the income source. For many, the rent amount is the only source of income they are looking forward to every month.

Since the pandemic hit the streets, many people lost their job. This meant the un-paid rent keeps piling up. Although the governments in many states pushed the eviction moratorium to the end of August, one landlord in Lancaster had enough. The owner of the property, Kevin Nowak, took it upon himself to take drastic measures.

So Nowak spray-painted the roof of his house: “Lisa and Ray owe $11,000 in rent” and “MAGA”.

The action soon garnered the attention of the media and his neighbors. However, the neighbors reacted with disappointment as this action is not going to help him. The landlord owns 50 properties, and these are not the only tenants who owe him money. He defended his action by saying,I don’t mean to do this to be vengeful.

A week after the incident, Ray Ross, the tenant, spoke with the media and shared his side of the story. “It has been really stressful. I lost my job back in September and have been taking care of my diabetic sister.”

Ray’s application for rent assistance programs was denied. And to make matters worst, he has been receiving death threats. Let’s hope both parties come to an easy agreement than taking the problem to the media.

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