Willie Nelson Rescues 70 Horses and Gives Them New Home on His Texas Ranch

Willie Nelson is a legend in the country music scene. And at 86 years old, he isn’t slowing down! Moreover, he doesn’t stop at music either. He is well known for his activism, raising money for American farmers through an annual Farm Aid concert. Moreover, he has a passion that is tucked away in his Texas country ranch!

Nelson has a 700-acre property that he has named “Luck Ranch in Spicewood, Texas. And there he has 70 horses! If you thought that’s a lot of horses for one man to have, Nelson has them for a noble cause. Specifically, they are all rescues that were otherwise going to go to the slaughterhouse. Here, these lucky horses roam around and are even hand-fed twice a day!

willie nelson

The horses he has in the ranch are an American breed, “paint horses” and known for their equestrian discipline. Furthermore, when Nelson is touring, he doesn’t leave his love of horses behind. The musician declares his passion for these hooved-animals in his songs. Additionally, he also holds a music festival every year called the “Luck Reunion” where donors can see the ranch and even fed the horses! Watch Willie Nelson talking about his horses below:

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