Heartbroken Family’s Dog Died After He Was Hit by a Speeding Car, Now Watch as the Police Officers Take Action

The Payne family was left heartbroken when they lost their beloved dog to a road accident. The German Shepherd was run over by a car outside their Cordova home. The driver didn’t even stop to check in on the poor pooch. Shaun Payne and his wife, Tracy Payne, rushed the dog to an emergency veterinarian; but sadly, he had to be put down. The most affected by Beau’s loss were the Paynes’ daughters.

“We came home about 10:30 p.m. and my daughter was still up waiting on us to come home, and she said ‘Where’s Beau?’” recalls Shaun. He replied, “Beau’s not with us.” The little girl then asked if Beau was coming come. “I said ‘No baby.’ She stared crying and ran to the room and woke up my other daughters,” he said. “That night they cried and cried.”

According to Shaun his three daughters were distraught with the loss of Beau, a loving family member who had been in the house for five years. He told the incident to Milton Carroll, a pastor at Hope Presbyterian Church. She asked around, hoping to find a German Shepherd puppy to join the Payne family. Eventually, Lt. Chris Harris, commander of the K-9 unit with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, found out about it – and he wanted to help.

Carroll urged Payne to call Harris. “Carroll said ‘Hey, I want you to call Lt. Harris. The K-9 unit is going to buy you guys a dog.’ I called my wife, and we were just bawling,” Payne recalls. It was hard to find a German Shepherd so close to Christmas, but the officers succeeded. Harris came across an anonymous donor who was willing to pay for the puppy, which the breeder sold to them for $200. SCSO and the Payne parents decided to give the surprise gift to the girls while taking them on a tour of the K-9 unit.

They named the new puppy Jolly. And true to her name, the pooch has brought nothing but happiness after joining them. It is amazing what these police officers did for a sad family during their time of need! Check out the story below!

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