This Tiger Can’t Purr So He Makes This Adorable Noise When He Is Happy

Tigers are cats too. It is almost hard to believe that a beast as huge and dangerous can be happy and cheerful as well.

When we think of big cats, we often think of their violent ways and the way they are always feared by weaker animals and humans. However, a little-known fan about tigers is that they can make a unique sound when they are happy. Cats purr but not all big cats can purr besides cheetah. Tigers cannot purr though. Bali the Bengal tiger will melt your heart.

He makes a sound that’s called Chuff. While Bali chuffs, we can make out from the sound he is making that the animal is trying to sound like he wants attention. Whatsoever, the chuff is neither violent nor aggressive. He sounds like a baby who wants attention from his mother. We can tell that Bali is one big and happy tiger.

This is one of the most wholesome videos on the internet. Watch the full video below!

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