White Peacock Shows Off Her Tail – Watch When She Turns Around!

When we think about peacocks, we often imagine majestic blue and green feathered birds in our heads. But as it turns out, these incredible birds are just as gorgeous without their colorful plumage. These white peacocks are often mistaken for being albino, but as you can see, their eyes are not reddish. This peacock in the clip below has a genetic mutation called “leucism”.

Leucism is a genetic condition in which melanin (pigment) production is reduced in the skin, feathers, and other parts of the body. This can result in white or pale patches in the peacock‘s feathers, although the eyes, beak, and other parts of the body will remain the same color. Leucism is not albinism, as albinism completely lacks melanin production in all parts of the body. Leucism is a rare condition in peacocks, but can be seen in some birds

There are no definitive numbers available, but it’s estimated that only a small percentage of peacocks exhibit this condition. Well in this clip, we get to see one of them–you can see the beautiful bird with her tail fully spread. When you see her in all her glory, you are definitely going to be out of words! I still can’t believe what my eyes saw! I have never seen such a different but fabulous bird before!

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