Everyone Ignored This Blind Homeless Man Until A Girl Wrote A Powerful Message On His Sign

Homelessness has left a ton of destruction in its wake. Each day around 600,000 and 700,000 Americans, including children, are experiencing homelessness. A lot of us don’t even pause for a second when we see homeless people on the streets. How often have we given assistance?

Homeless people don’t always need money, sometimes all they want is a bit of your time and support. This strong clip shows a blind and homeless man that who has a sign that reads “I’m blind, please help”. Many people pass by but none of them stops for him. Until one woman picks up his sign and starts writing something on it.

As soon as the woman walks away, the man receives a ton of contributions from other people walking by. When he notices the woman return, he asks her what she did to his sign. You’re going to be stumped when you see what she did!

Watch the video below! Words can be powerful, can’t they? Share your thoughts about it in the comments!

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