Boxer was Acting Weird Around the Window, Family Looks Closer to Find a Surprise

Dogs may be the direct descendants of wolves, but sometimes they are, shall we say, “less than fierce.” Here’s a great video that shows how they can get scared of the smallest thing.

Most of us love dogs. They are a great pet and companion that can help keep us safe and give us lots of love. And a lot of dogs are little clowns on the inside! They can be the biggest goofballs in the world, and there are millions of videos on the internet to prove it. If you have a dog of your own, you know many things they do can have us howling with laughter.

The boxer in this video is a perfect example. He sees something stuck on the window and becomes very concerned about it. He is alarmed by its movements—he can’t figure out how it’s moving on its own! Finally, he gathers up the courage to poke it with his paw, but he wasn’t ready for what comes next!

You can’t help but laugh watching this short clip!

Check out this hilarious video below:

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