Five Men Interrupt Veteran’s Dinner and Leave Him in Tears

War veterans may have the toughest life. However, many people tend to give them the respect and the love they truly deserve.

Louis Zezoff Jr. is a war veteran. He has already retired from a long career in the military. Moreover, he has made a name for himself amongst the military crowd. On a random dinner date with his wife, Louis saw five gentlemen approaching his way. He did not really think about it and continued his date. However, one of them came straight to his table.

The gentleman told him they were from the military. The man also thanked Louis for his service to the country and paid due respect on behalf of himself and the four other soldiers. They did not go until they all formed a straight line and have the war veteran the sharpest salute. They then marched outside. This really moved Louis and he ended up in tears.

His wife even had to make him sit on his seat to take a moment to breathe. Watch the full video below!

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