Bakery Truck Driver Takes Matters Into His Own Hands After Getting Stranded on Highway

There were many people who were stuck inside their vehicles on Interstate 95 in Virginia. They were almost helpless with no food or help.

Many people left their vehicles stranded in the road. Likewise, many others remained inside their vehicles in the hopes of finding help. However, a couple saw a bakery truck amongst all the other vehicles on the road. They knew there were pets, the elderly, and children stuck inside the vehicles. Considering they only received water, they were all hungry as well.

So, the couple came up with a solution. They went to the truck driver and asked them for help. And, when they were least expecting to get anything, they received a call from the owner of the bakery who wanted to help. The truck driver helped distribute bread and potato rolls to everyone with the help of some people.

Thankfully, with the help of the kind bakery owner and the truck driver, the day was somewhat, saved. Here is their full interview:


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