Angry Pedestrian Gets Hysterical Dose Of Instant Karma

Anger is the killer of human nature, all know that. Still, a majority of the people get angry, without any valid reasons or logic behind it. They stay unaware of the fact, that they have to pay for their anger and frustration in one or another ways. The fact is simply evident in the funny video, which delivers a very serious message. If you cannot control your anger, you would not be able to push back the Karma and your destiny for long. Things are inevitable, even if you stay unaware.

The pedestrian is crossing the road and abusing the people around, without any reason. It seems he is angry with someone or everyone. Because of this, he demonstrates his attitude which proved to be disastrous for him. He got hurt with the pole at the other end of the street. Since he was continuously looking at the car standing on the signal, he missed the pillar that was standing high on the footpath. So he hit himself unknowingly and got hurt, because of his anger and nothing else. If he would have focused on his way, he would have not faced the hit with the pole.

No matter what he was going through but abusing and getting angry to the car drivers would not work obviously. So he must have looked at the road and not at the cars, that was stopped on the traffic signal. Though he was secure, he invited the hard-hit himself by colliding with the pillar.

To get the feel of Karma, you must watch the video and get the gist of how it can affect anyone to stay angry and end up hurting himself for no reason.

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