Honey Badger is Master Escape Artist, How He Manages to Outsmart People is Astonishing

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the Honey Badger as the “World’s Most Fearless Creature.” And rightfully so! Nothing can stop this omnivore when it is hungry. Moreover, it eats bees, scorpions, and even the venomous cobra. But when this man rescued one, he wasn’t expecting it to be a master escape artist as well!

Brian Jones, a wildlife conservationist at Moholoholo Rehab Center, South Africa, has his hands full by a crafty honey badger. A farmer was raising Stoffel when he was brought into the center for causing havoc. As it turns out, the creature doesn’t like staying inside any enclosures. And Brian had to realize this the hard way!

stoffel the badger

After a lion mauling during an escape attempt, Brian knows he has to keep Stoffel inside his enclosure. But it’s trickier than it seems! The small animal has a big brain, and trying to keep it in is a battle. Stoffel can climb and open gates. Furthermore, the creature can scale trees, tires, and even pole vault out of rakes! Not to mention, he knows where Brian lives and scares him in the middle of the night. Not even building a concrete enclosure can’t stop this Houdini!

Watch Stoffel’s hilarious antics below:

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