German Shepherd Suddenly Realizes He is at the Vet and He Was Not Happy About It

Dogs can be the most adorable companions that we can ever have. They are so loyal and loving towards the ones they think are their pack. They are happy with the simplest things in life, and they never need a big reason to be happy. Give them your heart and they will give their heart right back to you. They are just little angels without wings and covered in fur, but they have their naughty moments too. For example, they sometimes get mad even when you’re doing something for them, like taking them to the vet.

If you have a dog or have been around dogs for a while, you know how much they abhor going to the vet. They also absolutely hare taking pills or medicines, but sometimes they can be coaxed into it if you give them a good treat. A the visit to the vet can be quite a big challenge to any dog owner. For example, take a look at the German Shepherd in the following video. Every dog owner has totally been through this before!

German Shepherds are famous for being smart and very courageous as well. They are one of the top picks for work dogs in the military. But even they get a little shaky when it comes to the vet. The pooch in this video has just discovered that his owners had stopped at the vet’s office. As soon as he realized this, he started whining and being fidgety. He just wouldn’t calm down, and didn’t even listen to his mom when she told him to get out of the car!

Check out the full video below:

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