After Receiving Major Christmas Surprise, Waitress Gets Fired for Accepting Kindest Gift Ever

Servers working in a local restaurant have it hard. Most of them are students which makes them work for their studies and to survive day-to-day life.

However, some customers are so generous that they decide to help the servers. A small tip can brighten up someone’s day. But, these gentlemen were way too generous while gifting two servers with a whopping $4400 tips. These men asked Ryan Brandt and her co-worker to split this amount. Sadly, this news spread like wildfire and reached the manager.

He asked Ryan to pool the bill that she had just received. She was not impressed by his decision. Ryan went to the customers and told them about her situation. These kind men decided to tip her directly outside the restaurant and asked the manager to not pool the bill amount. The manager may have been accepting then, but he decided to fire Brandt for going against the workplace policy.

This story infuriated a lot of people online who are now working on boycotting the restaurant. Read the full story below!

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