Daily we pass so many hardworking individuals who make our life more comfortable and safer. Likewise, this police officer Mitch Brouillette who works Heritage High School in Brentwood.

His job is to protect the school from any possible threat. Colloquially, known as Officer Mitch, the students love and respect. However, they feel that he deserves more recognition than he gets.

Hence, they work with the Dudebenice project to surprise their favorite cop. Mitch is requested to entail his work on camera as part of the prank. Nevertheless, the meeting is cut short with an emergency call from the principal. What they say to be a disturbing video ends up being a thank you clip from students in school. Furthermore, a grand gesture waits outside for him. The man looks humble and friendly. With individuals like him, parents can feel at ease when their kids are not around. Please share your thoughts in the feed.

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