Girl Films a Video of Herself Clipping a Horse’s Fur. And the Satisfying Video Has 55 Million Views!

There is no doubt that the internet is very addictive. You start scrolling through social media and the next thing you know, you have lost an hour or two! Moreover, sometimes you fall into a rabbit hole of weird or funny videos. And you just can’t stop watching them! But this oddly satisfying TikTok video is something else entirely!

There is no end to the content that TikTok has! Young people use this trendy app to share videos of them dancing, or film something funny. But as more people join the bandwagon, more bizarre videos have begun to pop up! Like this recording of a person clipping a horse’s fur to rap music. And it has more than 55 million views!

horse clipping tiktok

The fascinating video from Northern Ireland by Dara is set on to Tyga’s “Ayy Macarena.” In the short clip, the groomer takes a mechanical razor and clips a horse on the side of its hind legs. She does it in one straight motion, and the fur slides off effortlessly! Moreover, she brushes it off to reveal a precisely straight cut. Although the video is on the odd side of things, you have to admit that it’s pretty satisfying. Watch it below:

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