Veteran Met a Woman During War. 50 Yrs Later, Finds Out That She Kept the Biggest Secret From Him

Gary Barnes dedicated most of his life to the military. But at 78 years old, the war veteran finally found out what had been missing all his life. Barnes has several medals and awards from his years of service, however, he often thinks back and wishes he had a partner. But it had been difficult because of his lifestyle. Even though he is now finally settled in a home, Barnes was busy serving the country and traveling overseas quite frequently when he was in the army.

But after 50 years, he got the biggest surprise of his life. A woman came searching for him; he had no idea that she had been searching for him for 40 years. When she finally found him, she contacted him with a shocking request. Gary was emotional when he heard what the life-changing request was. And that was all it took. Thanks to one phone call, Gary is finally in the company of his daughter. Love brought the two together after 50 long years.

Barnes went to the airport to receive her, and with one look, the man realized just how much he loved her. You are going to be moved when you see his reaction. Their story makes us realize it is never too late to let someone know how you feel or what they mean to you. Wait till you see the full story for yourself!

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