Woman Grabs Sand Dollar Out Ocean, Now Watch When She Turns It Around

The ocean is so vast and full of mystery. It covers 70% of the world, yet we know so little about it. Isn’t it amazing that humans know more about outer space and the universe than they do about what is under our oceans? There are still millions of species that are yet to be found. Sometimes, you can come across the most surprising and unbelievable creatures right on the beach, like the lady in the following video.

If you’ve ever seen a sand dollar closely, this video is just for you. You might find it hard to disagree that there is something amazing about them. They have a texture of their very own and a look that shouts out, “I just came from the beach!” Whether a child discovers one after going on a hunt to collect one or two or if you stumble across one by chance, the sight of them will surely amuse you. As fun as they are, just take a closer look at what this woman found.

After finding a sand dollar at the beach, this woman had an incredible realization. It was unlike any she had ever seen before in her entire life. This one she has in her hand was actually alive! Chances are any sand dollars you’ve found before were all dead. In fact, some people have no idea that sand dollars actually are living creatures. She makes a good comparison between alive and dead sand dollar too!

It’s really amazing to see what wonders the ocean holds. Have you encountered anything bizarre at the beach?

Check out this stunning video below:

[ytvid id=”3uwOURjneWQ”]

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