Veteran Refuses Free Turkey Then Emotionally Breaks Down For A Heartwarming Reason

Festival seasons are indeed full of surprises. They come in so many ways, a blessing as a newly born child or as your grandparents’ sudden visit. And a million more. A similar joy maker is the Fox5 surprise squad.

Cassandra Jones and her team go to Smith’s Grocery Store to offer to pay for customers’ grocery items. Initially, the squad hides behind in what looks like a storeroom. When an individual gets near to the self-pay, Cassandra makes an entry and stops them.

Gently she asks, Are you doing your holiday shopping? The astonished shopper with so many cameras on her replies, “Yes,” Well, what would you say if I pay for all your items. The old woman with a miraculous smile says, “I will thank you for the kindness.”

Veteran Refuses Free Turkey

Moreover, she joins a veteran too, who shares a small story of his wartime. Robert Black, a Vietnam lifelong member chuckles at the generous offers. A warm conversation is exchanged between the two. Weyni Yonas, another buyer, shares her struggle with three kids. Even express her great gratitude to the team for such an extraordinary effort.

Within a few seconds, she is joined by another veteran, Victor Moss, who was disabled during the war. Moments later, he breaks down into tears after explaining his fiance is also disabled. Things get tough, especially around holiday time. Please take a look at these magnificent and generous offers by the Fox5 group. Do share your crazy festival stories in the feed.

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