Doctor Shares Effective And Easy Way To Treat Vertigo

While most of us are used to going to the doctor when we have a problem, the rise of the internet has also given us lots of ways to possibly treat ourselves–like checking YouTube–before incurring the expense and hassle of a trip to a clinic.

One condition that might be treatable at home is vertigo. Vertigo is a medical condition that is characterized by a sensation of spinning, spinning vertigo is the most common type of vertigo, and is caused by a disturbance in the balance system of the inner ear. Anyone suffering from Vertigo knows the spinning can be scary. Vertigo can reach a point where one can hardly drive, walk, or do simple chores. For a patient named Sue Rickers, the whole ordeal was getting scarier every day. But she did find an answer looking on YouTube. 

She came across Dr. Carol Foster’s “half-somersault maneuver,” also called the “Foster Maneuver”. Foster was a vertigo patient herself and also a doctor of otolaryngology (an ear, nose and throat doctor), so she came up with a scientific approach that people can do at home. Sue tried it a few times and it worked like magic for her. She could feel the change physically and mentally.  

The process is shown in the diagram above. Tilt your head up towards the ceiling. Next, lean forward and put your head completely upside down as if you’re going to somersault. Once in that position, depending on which ear you feel the most spinning, look toward elbow associated with that ear (look left for the left ear, or look right for the right ear). Raise your head quickly back to upright.

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