Youtube has become a source for myriads of medical solutions. However, one needs to consult their doctor before trying anything. One such condition is Vertigo. Anyone suffering from Vertigo knows the spinning can be scary. 

It reaches a point where one can hardly drive, walk, or do simple chores. For a patient named Sue Rickers, the whole ordeal was getting scarier every day. However, she did find the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Non-narcotic migraine treatment in ...
Non-narcotic migraine treatment in the emergency room. #Shorts
She came across Dr. Foster’s “half-somersault maneuver.” She tried it a few times. It worked like magic for her. She could feel the change physically and mentally. Foster was a vertigo patient herself. Therefore, being a doctor of otolaryngology, she resorts to a more scientific approach. 

The initial step: Tip your head up towards the ceiling. You may get dizzy performing this. Furthermore, put your head completely upside down as if you’re going to somersault. Once in that position, depending on which ear you feel the most spinning, treat according. Look at your left elbow for the left ear, or look to your right elbow for the right ear. The process can be effecting deposing how many particles that come out. 

So, please press play and follow the instruction carefully. Let us know how helpful was the video for you. 

If you know someone who suffers from Vertigo, kindly send this clip with them.