The video below features an incredible performance which will probably leave you in tears. Vernon Barnard was born with glaucoma. He could see reasonably well, but he lost his sight and undertook 16 operations before turning five years old. But in spite of his disabilities and sufferings, he never let his passion for singing go to waste.

He auditioned for The Voice: South Africa and managed to wow everyone who listened to him. Judge Bobby van Jaarsveld in particular was impressed beyond words. Vernon’s rendition of One Direction’s “Story of My Life” brought tears to his eyes. To be honest, it broke me down as well. After the audition, Bobby got down on his knees and asked Vernon to join his team. Vernon accepted him as his coach.

Vernon Barnard sings 'Story of My Life' _ The Blind Auditions _ The Voice South Africa 2016 0-47 screenshot

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