Warning: Graphic Content!

The world is filled with amazing people. But it also has its fair share of some not so good folks as well. You never know what kind of people you might encounter in your everyday life. That’s what happened to this unsuspecting old man. But thankfully, he knew just how to handle the situation! We are glad he didn’t get hurt!

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, which tracks crime data in the U.S., the number of elderly people (65 or older) who were victims of violent crimes in 2019 (the most recent complete year available) was estimated at about 27,150. While it had declined slightly in 2019, local data is available for the 2020-2022 period and it suggests it is back on the rise.

Well in this video, two drunken thugs decided it would be cool to mess and bully an old man. But unlucky for them, the old guy turned out to be a former athlete. To be precise, a boxer. They probably thought the “defenseless old man” couldn’t put up a fight, but boy were they wrong! Hopefully, this encounter taught these kids a lesson they will never forget!

The video below is graphic, so only watch if you would not be offended by violence.

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