For centuries, inventions are designed to make everyday activities more straightforward and faster. Hence, new implements have been a regular part of our lives. But with the internet, the millennials realize they have been doing it wrong all along.

We have all shredded cheese in our life. And the only enjoyable part of the whole process is the unshreddable glob at the end. That is basically yours to eat. Besides that, the task is not easy and can end up in multiple bandaids around your fingers.  Have we been grating cheese wrong all this time?

Turns out there is a proper way of shredding cheese without wondering if you have enough bandages lying around. Think for a second why would someone invent an appliance where using it creates more discomfort. Well, the simple answer is they don’t. 

A cheese grater is much safer than you think if used correctly. A few years ago, a video on Twitter went viral for something so simple as grating. The reason it gained so much attention is because of the way it was handled.

If you have a box-shaped shredder, just tilt it to get maximum usage without blood plummeting through the skies.  Even if you decided to go on for a single side shredder, place it in a bowl. 

Your life would be much simpler if you decided to press play and watch the clip. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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