Undercover Wheelchair Cop Finds a Tearjerking Truth

The safety of the civilians is a top priority for the policeman. Hence, they try almost everything to keep the neighborhood secure to walk day or night. To go undercover for different types of missions is not uncommon.

So, when Vancouver reported 28 disabled people being mugged, a sergeant sprung to action. He took the persona of a disabled person. The reason he took the same disguise rather than any regular civilian is pretty simple. The thieves tend to mark vulnerable individuals who can hardly defend themselves.

Therefore, the cases reported in the last year was quite disturbing for the chief. Just like the character of the hit Tv series, the cop went in search of his predators. So he strapped himself to a wheelchair and carried expensive gadgets to attract culprits. He stayed uncover for 21 days. By the end, he stumbled upon different findings.

Regardless of his flashy gadgets, no one even dares to touch. Everyone is helpful and friendly to him. One guy comes close to his fanny pack cop almost springs to catch. But he zips the bag and requests him to be safe. He was overwhelmed with all the positive responses and happy to share these events.

Who would have thought? There will always be good people in this world to assist the vulnerable ones. Please share your thoughts on this experiment.

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