Woman Runs for Camera as Realizing She Accidentally Helped Her Backyard Squirrel Get Drunk

Once you begin to live close by the woods, you do make lovely friends. Katy Morlok has been feeding this adorable looking squirrel for a year now. Every morning he comes running to the feeder to nibble on her breakfast.

The kids begin calling him “Lil Red.” But one day, it was quite out of the ordinary for our Mr. Red. Katy was cleaning her fridge when she stumbled upon pears that went unnoticed. So she decided to feed them to the pigs. However, they showed little to no interest in the fruit.

Katy, who didn’t want to let it go to waste, set the pears on the furry visitor’s table. Unaware, the fruits were fermented by now. She captures footage of the squirrel getting boozed. His reactions make it pretty clear that he is more than just tipsy. Lil Reed climbed the trees, albeit dizzy and unsteady.

Morlok was pretty concerned with the whole situation, as he could become an easy target for the predators. Fortunately, the next morning, the squirrel came back running. Katy was never so excited to see the poor thing. She set the table for the most needed meal after the hangover. Isn’t the reaction hilarious? Kindly share your unusual companions’ stories in the feed.

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