Twin Brothers Separated at Birth – Fate Brings Them Together After 71 Years

Life is one of the most unpredictable phenomena. You never know what will occur in life. Here’s a story that shows life can bring us both incredible pain and unbelievable joy as two sides to the same event.

Not everything that happens in your life is good. However, everything that happens in your life really does not have to be bad either. This video is here to show you how two twin brothers were separated by birth and how their fate brought them together. It took them 71 years to reunite but we can say that it was all worth it.

George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski were born in Germany but their mom was not able to take care of them as she was ill. The two of them were then given up for adoption in two separate households. Neither of them knew that they were adopted and had a twin brother for the longest time in their lives.

It is quite amazing that the two of them got to know about this even if it took them years. Watch the full video below!

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