Baby Monkey Meets Granny Again After 7 Days, And He Can’t Contain His Joy

Monkeys are very social creatures. Their social behavior is very similar to that of their distant cousins, human beings. They have a hierarchy as well, and they bond with their children very closely. Some people like to take monkeys as pets for this very reason—they have a very social nature just like us. They can also feel anxiety if they are apart from their owners for too long. If you doubt it, just check out the one in the following video.

They aren’t the most conventional or the usual pets, but they do have their own charm and beauty. Monkeys are adorable creatures, don’t you think so? The video below shows a tiny baby monkey called Zoey. Zoey is a baby capuchin monkey who is stealing everyone’s hearts. His grandma had been away for a whole week, and when this little girl saw his after such a long time, he just couldn’t hold his excitement any longer!

The little baby instantly recognized the older lady, and started screaming ans shouting with joy! He simply couldn’t hold it in, and immediately jumped towards the lady’s open arms. He then hugged her face and continued to let out a loud yet adorable scream. It was just like when a human baby sees his mother after a long time apart. The lady was also very happy to see him. It was an adorable reunion to say the least!

Check out this adorable moment below:

[ytvid id=”61jRMFkMVR0″]

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