Sea turtle with a plastic straw up its nostril gets rescued before its too late

The following video shows how humans are destroying the environment and harming nature with their reckless behavior. Knowingly or unknowingly, we have been polluting our planet. Our waste and garbage end up as far as middle of the ocean and it is extremely damaging to marine life. Just look at the following clip if you need any further proof. It features the rescue of a sea turtle and the heart-breaking footage just might bring you to tears.

A research team found this male sea turtle during one their in-water research trips to Costa Rica. They thought it was infected by a parasitic worm at first, but they later realized what the thing in his nostril really was. They found out that the poor thing actually had a 10 to 12 cm plastic straw lodged in him! Just imagine one being stuck inside your nose! How they took it out is extremely difficult to watch. Wait till you check it out for yourself!

This research team wants to spread a simple message: “say no to plastic straws and any kind of one-time use plastic item”. When are we going to stop destroying what’s around us? Once its too late, we can never go back. We need to think about the generations that are going to come after us, and work to conserve our planet as fast as possible.

Watch this touching rescue below and share your thoughts about it in the comments section.

[ytvid id=”4wH878t78bw”]

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