Pregnant dog was about to be put down, but kind vet steps in to help her

Vets are amazing people. They devote their lives to rescue animals in need. The vet in this story, Matt Schuessler, is what a compassionate vet should be like. This touching story is about how he saved a very pregnant dog named Gracie. She was about to be put down, but he did not want to let that happen. Instead, he brought her back to his clinic so he could have a safe space to deliver her babies.

One of Gracie’s eyes was also wounded. It didn’t appear to be causing her much trouble, so he let that go for the moment to focus on the delivery. Their main goal was to let Gracie give birth without any complications. The vet was kind enough to welcome the mama and her puppies into his own home. Gracie knew she was in good hands, and after reaching his home, she gave birth to a huge litter!

Gracie must have sensed that the vet meant her no harm. She gave birth to a whopping 12 puppies! All of them are doing amazing now. He set such a wonderful example to his children as well as to other people around the internet. Instead of saving one life, he ended up saving 13 innocent lives. What a wonderful person!

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